Welcome to Tech-Spelunking, an occasional blog where I explore the nooks and crannies of technology.

About David K. Hess

I am a technology explorer with an advanced education in computer science and extensive experience in operating systems, systems administration, computer networking, computer security and software development. I love working with technology from the bits and bytes all the way to enterprise architecture.

My experience comprises a broad range of settings and disciplines. I've pulled Ethernet cabling as a network installer, and I've architected technology and systems as a CTO. In academia, I provided networking services to 50,000 customers. In telecom, I helped build systems that transport 400 Gb/s of data 3,000 Km. I deployed RFID in the event industry, building cutting-edge experiential marketing systems based on distributed computing operated in the most demanding environments.

The common driver behind each of my endeavors has been a passion for learning, a love for building innovative products and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

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